Chicago HSI 

Chicago HSI is an application to research spatial relationships between homicide events in Chicago. This tool is comprised of multiple federal, state, and regional data resources organized into an intuitive visual display.

Quick Facts

Chicago HSI allows a researcher to accomplish the following tasks:

  • Filter homicide events by:
    • General Homicide Type (e.g. gang motivated or child abuse)
    • Domestic Relationship
    • Victim or Primary and Secondary Offender Age, Race, and Gender
    • Location
    • Type of Weapon Used
    • Date of occurrence
    • View details about each homicide
  • Map homicides in relation to:
    • Federal: City boundaries and Census tract: (1960-2000)
    • Local: Neighborhoods, Streets,Precincts, Wards, et al
    • Natural: forests, parks, rivers and lakes
    • Social: Libraries, schools, public transportation
  • Animate data set, by event day, months, or years
  • Save maps in popular image formats (jpg, bmp, png)

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